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The Irish Lotto on Lottoland

For those who want to place a bet on the Irish Lotto from the UK, (or just about anywhere else), Lottoland represents the best option for a whole host of reasons. Rather than just rocking up and buying a ticket, when you are betting online you get a range of different features to enhance your lottery betting experience. Let’s take a look at some of the features you can expect to find at the world’s favourite online lottery website:


1. Double Jackpot

Without doubt, one of the coolest features available when betting on the Irish Lotto with Lottoland, is the double jackpot option. The Irish Lotto jackpot starts at a minimum of £1.4  million, but sometimes a mere million and a half isn’t enough to get the juices flowing! Not to worry, you can select the double jackpot option, and now you can bet to win £3 million instead of £1.5m, or £12 million instead of £6 million!

2. Irish Lotto+

Don’t forget to tick that small box at the bottom of the Irish Lotto page, because you really don’t want to miss out on the Lotto+ draw. For only 50p on top of your original bet you will now have a chance for your numbers to win a prize of up to £550,000 based on the secondary Lotto+ draw. For such a small additional fee, it’s one of the best value lottery bets around.

3. Jackpot Hunt

The Hunt button is a great option for those big game hunters out there! If the jackpot has rolled over to a particularly tasty amount, then you can set the hunt in motion. When you activate this feature, your bets will be renewed until the jackpot in question is won, meaning that you never have to worry about missing out because you forgot to place your bet.

4. Subscription

Another great way to avoid missing out on that one week when your numbers come up, and you forgot to make your bet! The subscription option allows you to automatically renew your bets for a period of your choice, ranging from 1 week to 52 weeks.

5. Jackpot Minimum Limit

Here’s a final feature which makes sure that you never lose out on the biggest Irish Lotto jackpots. You can set your account so that a bet is automatically placed for you when the jackpot reaches a certain level. So for example you could set it so that every time the Lotto jackpot exceeds £6 million, your bet will automatically be placed for you. You don’t need to do anything else, except wait for the day when your numbers come up!

Check out the Lottoland site to choose your betting options for the next Irish Lotto draw.