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  • 33
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  • 45
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NEXT DRAW: Wednesday, 23/06/2021

£3.5 Million

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The Irish Lotto Online

The Irish Lotto Online


The Irish Lottery offers you the best chance of becoming a multi-millionaire! With unmatched odds and ever-higher jackpots, the Irish Lotto is the best value for money in the world!

Now you can bet on the Irish Lotto online from anywhere in the UK for as little as £2, and have your chance at one of the best-kept secrets in the world of international lotteries!

Is the Irish National Lotto better than the UK National Lottery?

When you compare the Irish National Lottery to the UK National Lotto side-by-side it's easy to see why so many lottery players prefer the Irish game:

Irish Lotto UK Lotto
Price £2 £2
Number of Balls 47 59
Jackpot Odds 10,700,000:1 45,057,474:1
Any Prize Odds 1 in 29 (Lotto only) 1 in 9.3 (with raffle)
Maximum Jackpot €18.96 million* None

*As of the September 2015 format change the maximum jackpot for the Irish Lotto is capped at the current record jackpot amount of €18.96 million.

With far better odds of hitting bigger jackpots than ever before it doesn't take a mathematician to see why so many UK players have made the switch to the Irish Lotto!

Irish lottery news

The Irish Lottery online or offline

Offline: the Irish Lottery has traditionally been played by an estimated 65% of the Irish population from more than 4,000 outlets including kiosks, supermarkets and service stations.

Online: Betting on the Irish lotto online is becoming way more popular with players, young and old alike, because it's easier, more convenient and more secure. No more concerns about lost tickets or unclaimed prizes – everything is done digitally and all transactions and operations are automatic and seamless.

The Irish Lotto gives you great odds of becoming a lottery multi-millionaire winner, so bet online now and have your crack at winning one of the world's best value lotteries!